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Elements of Critique: Tense

Some of my favorite sci-fi stories involve time travel. Back to the Future was a fun and silly adventure when I was younger. The first episode of Star Trek: The … Continue reading

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Elements of Critique: Show vs. Tell

“You never show me that you love me anymore!” In some marriages (not mine of course, no, never) the couple sometimes discuss the status of their romance, and the above … Continue reading

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Last week I whined about the juice bar in our gym on base selling what I presumed were pizzas at lunch time during my workout. I’m all for unhealthy food … Continue reading

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Elements of Critique: Repetition

While going through this A to Z challenge, I’ve had to check my list often to make sure I haven’t written about something too similar to each new day’s post. … Continue reading

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Elements of Critique: Quotation Marks

There’s an arguably crude joke about the Oxford comma (the one that you may have been taught does or does not go before ‘and’ within a list of items). Consider … Continue reading

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Always Learning

I walked out of my brief doctor’s visit and headed through the lobby to my car. The hospital has a valet service, but I need to walk. After all, I’m … Continue reading

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Elements of Critique: Point of View

What I wouldn’t give to be able to jump into her head and know what she’s thinking… Married couples can relate easily to that thought, I’m sure. But all of … Continue reading

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Elements of Critique: Originality

I recall a few conversations with friends that took place after I first started plotting out the idea for my novel. “I have this idea for a character whose nemesis … Continue reading

April 17, 2014 · 1 Comment

Elements of Critique: Nuance

My eight year old is in a phase where he starts every story with “It’s funny because…” He loves to make us laugh, and I wonder if he thinks that … Continue reading

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After Physical Therapy this morning, I hopped over to the base gym to put the rest of my body through some paces. Having not eaten breakfast, going just before lunch … Continue reading

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