Angsty Emo Outrage and Ducks

IF you haven’t gotten sick of thoughts about Phil Robertson’s comments about homosexuality, read this. It’s lengthy but imho absolutely spot on… since my short rant didn’t completely express how I feel.

Monster Hunter Nation

So Phil Robertson, who has one of the highest rated shows on cable, was asked a direct question concerning his personal religious beliefs and he gave an honest answer. Of course, honest religious opinions are not tolerated in America if they in any way hurt the feelings of statist control freaks, so the usual suspects had a come apart. A&E, being good at appeasement but bad at math, put Robertson on indefinite hiatus. Which means “we fired him, unless we wimp out at that too, and once we see which way the winds blow, we’ll bring him back.”

Here is the actual article that got the guy fired:  We’ll go through the actual controversial statements in a bit, just to see how little it takes to make the lefty censors outrage spike. But you should read it, because as usual you will quickly discover that most of the…

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