More Words of Awesome

I reached the end of Part Three (out of five parts) of Words of Radiance today.

Let’s see… no spoilers, so… all I can say is,


Seriously, the climactic scene thus far built up and then that chapter appeared to end with a hook before a new chapter about some other character doing some other scene and I very nearly skipped ahead to find out what happened next until I remembered “oh wait, the character in this chapter is in the same place, so this continues the action GAAAAH why am I thinking about this, READ MORE.”

I probably don’t read enough, so perhaps I am too easily satisfied / tricked into turning the page. But I have been thoroughly pleased with plot twists and surprises along the way.

Stupid work, and my own writing, and you know, spending time with the kids, and eating, and stuff like that getting in the way.


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