Are Fat People Really Oppressed

I’ve seen many of the items on this list happen to my wife, sadly. And there are close similarities to how people in the military have treated overweight members (me at times, but mostly stuff I’ve seen done to or said about others). This socially-acceptable shaming and bullying needs to stop.

Dances With Fat

Jillian Michaels This has been coming up a lot lately so I thought I would discuss it again today.  Let’s start here:  the definition of oppression is “the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner; to burden with cruel or unjust impositions or restraints”.

The simplest explanation I can give is that as long as my government is waging a war against me (the War on Obesity) a war in which they are actively trying to involve everyone from employers to restaurants to healthcare providers and insurance companies in my eradication, against my will  – and as long as there are people who assert that we should all hope for a world where people who look like me don’t exist because things might be cheaper – I will assert that I am the victim of oppression.  I think that society’s attempt to police my body and eradicate…

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