Makeshift Reblog

A friend of mine has started posting some parts of a philosophy of holistic fitness that he’s been thinking through. He focuses on the common experiences that unite us – shared ideas based on what it means and feels like to be a physical being. While I love to pick on him (usually in retribution) and disagree with him about many things, I’ve always enjoyed hearing his perspective. 
Maybe you will too. 

It appears he has reblogs turned off, but links work just fine.


One thought on “Makeshift Reblog”

  1. Your friend said: “Rather, I maintain that the individual is the building block of society, and his actions bring society into being. As such, it is only through the actions of an individual that any change can be affected.”

    So, to what political philosophy does he subscribe? In light of the above statement I would assume he should hold to a more conservative philosophy, one of less government and more individual responsibility. Any ideas?


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