New Website

So I finally cracked and got myself a webpage. I’ve been bothered by the thought of telling people “go to blah-blah dot wordpress dot com” and I’ve fallen victim to the influence of all those writer friends who have their own sites.

Nicole Bianchi is one of the writers I follow, and her advice has been pretty solid in my opinion. Here’s her take on building a website.

I am in the process of converting the new site – – into a completed, finalized product. Right now, it’s pretty sparse, probably because I don’t understand how to properly import all my WordPress images and files.

Just what I needed to do… create more work for myself!

Point being, I’d love it if you’d go to the new site and sign up to follow from there, as that’s going to be my long-term home. I’ll try to run these two sites more or less concurrently in the interim, unless I figure out a reliable way to share the new site’s posts here.

Thanks so much for the encouragement and readership as I pursue this dream and make it a reality.



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